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Delivery and Payment options

We are always looking for the best and cheapest option to send your goods, we are packing your goods as safely as possible so the packaging may be different depending on your order and where you live, this is why one courier and one shipping price calculator is out of the question.
When you place your order we are looking for the best solution for shipping and then we contact you with the offer.

We need to receive full payment or at least a confirmation of your payment before we will send your goods. Payments can be done in various ways by agreement but the most convenient one is to make a bank transfer. Payments have to be done after receiving an Invoice which would mean that your order is confirmed and it would also include the shipping cost. Invoice will be received after agreeing on shipping solutions.

We have a right to change our payment and delivery methods to increase quality of our services

Delivering goods

When sending your goods we are only partially responsible for the delivery and condition of goods when they arrive. We use a third party companies to ensure the deliveries are made, but once that package is collected from us, the responsibility lies with the courier. We promise you help if you will have troubles dealing with any kind of problems (regarding damaged goods). If courier will not take responsibility for damaged goods we promise to try to compensate your loss on our conditions and in a way that would be acceptable for both sides (Seller and Buyer).
We are not responsible for possible import or other taxes! Every country has it’s own policy and we don’t have a possibility to know the laws of every country in the world so this is buyers responsibility to familiarize with those laws.

We are also giving us a right for any kind of delay in sending your orders. We are often being busy with our own events which might cause a delay for up to a week. In such case we have the responsibility to inform\warn our client that a delay might be possible.

Warranty and Returning policy

We give you 14 days to inform us if you like to return the goods that you bought from our website if you don’t like them or if they didn’t meet your requirements, the only term is that the goods that are being return have to be like new and contain all original parts. We will give your money back only after receiving our goods back and making sure that any damage wasn’t done.
We give you 30 days to change your goods to other at the same price range or higher (with your coverage)

If any of your goods is damaged when it arrives (not because of the couriers fault), or if a certain part will break after a short time of usage we are always going to change your goods to new or repair it if possible. Warranty covers any sort of damage except defects or any other damage caused by negligent or improper treatment of the goods, improper installation, the use of unsuitable accessories or changes made to the original parts by the customer or a third party. Signs of wear and tear from normal use are also excluded from the warranty.