Paiste 28" Bronze Gong No. 9

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New and unique Gong! The Paiste 28" Bronze Gong No. 9 is made from 92% copper and 8% tin. Due to the high copper content, the colors of the gongs are warm-reddish with a range from golden shimmer to dark brown earth tones. Compared to gongs made of nickel silver, these gongs tend to have a deeper fundamental tone, a warmer sound character and a more voluminous overall sound. The continuous character is lively, warm and deep. Due to the nature of the alloy, the sound of bronze gongs changes over time through relaxation, aging and the influence of the gong playing significantly more than with gongs made of nickel silver. The basic character is always maintained, but bronze gongs live and change. We assume that, that bronze gongs will continue to change after delivery over time and under the influence of the player. Through continuous action and reaction and the resulting constant gentle change, there is a unique mutual influence between the gong and the player.