Singing Bowls

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Singing bowls produce harmonic overtones creating an effect that is unique to the instrument. The subtle yet complex multiple harmonic frequencies are a special quality caused by variations in the shape of the handmade singing bowls.

We have traveled all the way to Nepal to bring you the best, authentic, highest quality singing bowls you can find these days!

Our assortment can satisfy anyone’s needs! We usually have 400-500 bowls, from 300g. to 8kg., in stock. This is why it would be really hard to choose a perfect bowl for you, especially if you are just beginning and you’re not sure what you need. For this reason we are not putting a list of random bowls with prices, but instead we are going select one or a whole set depending on your needs. If you are interested in buying one or a whole set of bowls just contact us and tell us what you need and we will prepare a perfect set, just right for you!